Item S4 - “Hobson / London” Interesting 19th Century 10” Dovetail Saw

This older dovetail saw with split nuts is marked on its steel spine, “Hobson /London”.  I can find no record of a Hobson saw maker in London, but at least three worked in Sheffield in the 1840s and 50s.  This saw has with it what appears to be an original factory produced wooden sheathe or cover, made of pine.  Interestingly a very similar 9” dovetail saw is pictured in Kenneth Roberts’ “Some 19th Century Woodworking Tools” (figure 26) that is marked “Clegg” on its spine.  That saw is pictured with a cover, nearly identical to this one (the handles also appears to be identical), that although made of mahogany, is said by Roberts, to be “unique.”  The saw making firm of Clegg & Barton is reported by Shaeffer & McConnelll to have made saws in Sheffield, and I suspect that a saw marked just, “Clegg” would be older.  At any rate this Hobson/London saw is an older one, with split nuts, no medallion and a shapely handle.  The blade is deeply tarnished, but not rusty or with pitting.  Is set at about 14ppi cross cutIt needs filing.  The corporate mark on the spine suggests that this saw was made by Taylor Brothers of Sheffield.  The handle is solid and suffers just one small chip under the tip of the lower horn.  It is an old saw, dating from the middle 1800s will clean to be Good+

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