Item S4 - R. Groves & Sons (Sheffield) 19th Century Tenon Saw.

This Sheffield tenon saw is marked with all of the R. Grove’s & Sons bells and whistles –“Sheffield,”  USE”, “Elastic Spring Temper,” –on the steel spine.  The 12” blade varies only ¼” in depth under the spine over its 12” length (2 ¼” deep at the toe, and 2 ½” deep at the heel.  The blade is rip, about 14 ppi, and a little uneven (hand filed).  The blade is tarnished but is clean has almost no pitting.  There is a tiny wiggle in it that presents no problem and will work out easily.  The beech handle is darkly stained ha has very long graceful horns.  There is no damage.  The two solid head saw nuts are of a larger and smaller size (no markings) and have split nuts.  This is a good looking saw that will work well.  Good+



Price -   $50.00



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