Item S4 - Henry Disston & Son Back Saw. 10” Blade





A rare 10” back saw, both the stamp on the spine and the medallion etch mark this saw as one produced in the 1865 to 1871 time frame when Henry Disston's oldest son, Hamiton, entered the company name following the Civil war. The medallion on this one has the “Keystone” mark that followed the briefly used Eagle, Disston & Son medallion. The spine is also marked, “Henry Disston & Son” with the “inchworm” type stamping. The blade has some tarnish, but is straight, decently sharp, and has no rust or pitting. The handle has some dirt to clean, but it has no chips or cracks—or other problems. I'm selling the saw with little cleaning so that the buyer can decide how much to clean it. It could clean to practically new condition. It is a great saw for a Disston collection. Fine.

Price - $110.00



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