Item S6 -   Henry Disston & Sons. 10” Back Saw

This nice back saw has a brass “Philada” medallion that was used at the end of the 19th century into the first few years of the 20th. I has a near perfect apple handle that suffers an easily repairable split on the underside of the upper horn. In the 10 inch size this one has a plate thickness of just 18 thousandths, well within the range of most dovetail saws. There is some mottled tarnish, and some scattered patches off very fine pitting on the blade, but nothing that will impede use or sharpening. The blade is straight, has a cnstant depth of 2 5/8” and is filed about 16 ppi, cross cut. It has been little used. Easily Good+





Price - $60.00

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