Item S7 - Keystone Saw Mfg. Co. No. 107 Hand Saw.

Henry Disston & Sons, from 1876 until 1923, produced a No. 107 hand saw etched with the name, “Keystone Saw. Mfg Co.” of Philadelphia. Apparently this was a lower quality saw that allowed Disston to hide its ownership of. Although made for close to 50 years, these are not common saws to find today. This example has the proper serif-rich etching, and is a 9 ppi crosscut saw that seems like a good one. The handle is beech, but is at some variance from those illustrated in catalog cuts that I've seen of this model. Those show a plane beech handle, with 4 brass saw screws, with a WS medallion at the center of the saw screw arrangement. This saw has the beech handle, but it has some wheat carving on the hand hold, and the medallion screw is placed at the bottom of the rank, similar to that which you see on No. 16 saws. Thinking that the handle might have been replaced on this saw, I removed it, and can find no evidence that this is a replacement handle. The handle has no chips or cracks but is worn on the edges. The blade is deep, straight, and sharp. The there is tarnish (and some buffing swirls), but no rust or pitting. The etching is completely readable. It is a nice example of an uncommon saw. Easily Good+


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