Item S8 Geo. Bishop Patent Saw. 

This uncommon combo rip and crosscut saw blade is held in a handle marked with the patent date, Dec. 12, 1905.  This is for U.S. Patent No. 807,227, awarded to Frederick Wuest of Lawrenceburg, IN and assigned to the George Bishop Saw Co.  The design allows the rectangular 10 blade, having one edge filed rip, and the opposite edge filed crosscut to be flipped over or swapped end for end, while also allowing the blade to be rotated through a wide range of angles.  It is an interesting saw that Ive not seen before.  The blade is dark and has some fine pitting, but is usable.  Bishop used some of the ideas in this patent in a flooring saw that they introduced in 1910 and a reversible dovetail saw late, but this example much more closely follows the patent than did the flooring saw.   I have been unable to find an example of this saw online.  It could be used, but probably is more of a curiosity.  Easily Good.






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