Item S9 -  Henry Disston & Son (Sons) No.. 7 Panel Saw.  18”


This distinctive No. 7 saw is distinguished both by its uncommon small size (18” edge length) and presence of a clear etch that reads, “H. Disston & Son.”  The etch dates the saw to just about 1871, but the presence of a later (but early) H. Disston & Sons medallion suggests that the blade was made and etched before the saw was assembled.  The saw itself is in nice condition, having a straight, moderately tarnished blade (with areas of darker tarnish), but very little fine pitting.  The etch is clearly readable and has he smallest font size that I can remember seeing on a Disston saw.  The nib is present, and the blade is moderately deep.  The filing is marked on the blade with a “10” overstruck with an “11”—it is 11-- cross cut.  The apple handle handle has no cracks, but the upper horned has been nibbled a little short.  The three brass saw screws have split nuts, and the recessed medallion, lacks the period at the end of “Sons.”  It is a  nice saw for a collection.  Good+  $75.00


Price -   $75.00

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