Item SC6 - Clark's Screw Driver Set. IOB & Label.

This set of 4 slotted screw driver blades with a common handle is hard to find complete. This example comes in a fitted wooden box with complete original label from the R. H. Brown & Co, Westville, Connecticut. The label claims a “patent” handle, presumably by “Clark”, but I can find no such patent. The blades have tapered square tangs with notches that slip into the handle and lock. They are removed by turning the blades a little until they release. The blade lengths and edge lengths are: 3 3/4”, 5/16”; 4 7/8”, 3/8”; 5 ¼, ½; 6” 5/8”. The box has a loose hinge but is otherwise O.K. Fine


 Price - $55.00

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