Item SC6 - S. F. Bowser & Co (Ft. Wayne, IN) – Spiral Ratchet Screwdriver.

  In his histories of the makers of spiral ratchet screw drivers, Cliff Fales noted that those produced by Bowser in Ft. Wayne, Indiana, usually are marked “patented” in one form or another, but he was unable to locate a patent specific to S. F. Bowser, or to this company. Of the Bowser examples that he found, this one is an example of the first type. It is a very heavy and rugged tool with a closed length of abut 12 ½ inches, and it opens to an expanded length of 19 inches. The shaft is cut for both right and left ratchets. The tool has a south hardwood handle with a slightly bulbous end, a tapered hand hold and is finished by bead. Below that is a heavy brass barrel with a knurled ring selector for right or left ratchet. Below this are two brass knurled rings, the lower of which serves as a hand hold, and does not rotate. A steel collar below this screws down to close the pair of stout jaws that will grip the shank of a bit or auger. The chuck designed to grip any bit stock tool (flat or Phillips screw driver bit, counter sink, auger bit, etc) that is equipped with a standard square tapered tang. This is an uncommon tool, likely dates from the 1880s, and is in Fine working condition It is marked:

“ S. F. Bowser & Co (in an arc)

Ft. Wayne, IND”

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