Item SCR11 - Whale Skeletal Bone Bed Wrench & Key. 

This heavy bed wrench and rope key is made from  single piece of rugged Sperm whale pan bone.  The tool has the familiar antique rope key for tightening slack line in rope bed.  The forked end is positioned with the rope to be tightened straddled by the tines.  The key is then twisted to take up all the slack in one run of the bed rope.  Tension can be increased by running a wooden bar through the mortise at the top of the wrench or by inserting a bar between the ears at the wrench top.  The mortised end can also be used as at wrench to turn the bed bolts, holding the frame together, to firm the frame up.  This tool was surely sailor made as a gift or for his personal use.  The overall length of the tool is 11 inches,, with a width of 1 inches and  thickness of  1 inch.  The tines easily straddle a rope up to inch diameter.  This is a very scarce example of a bone sailor made tool.  Fine-

           Price -  $1100.00

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