Item SCR13 - Sailmaker’s Fid. 

This smaller fid was fashioned from Sperm whale pan bone, surely by a whale man.  The tool is just 6 ½ inches long and was probably made for sail work, or for smaller jobs on board deck where it is small enough to have been carried in a pocket.  The tool is shaped roughly hexagonal in cross section and was scraped to that shape.  The hexagonal shape has been smoothed to a rounded cross approaching the point.  The fid bears abundant tool marks and patina showing that this was not a latter day fid turned on a lathe.  Its flat base is crudely inscribed with a square that might have been an owner’s mark or layout lines.  The diameter ata the base is about ¾ inch.  It is a nice authentic sailor’s tool.  Fine.



    Price - $250.00

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