Item SCR13 - Elongated Engraved Pan Bone Piece

Apparently made as a back board or some sort of sign, this very large piece of Sperm Whale pan bone is over 27 inches long, almost 3 inches wide and is bluntly pointed at each end.  The bone is about 5/8 inch thick in the middle and is slightly cupped.  The appearance is like an airplane propeller.  On one side there is vine and leaf engraving that traverses the span of the piece, with additional engraving in the middle to form ornate block letters, E H, with surrounding decoration.  There is an inked collection number on the otherwise unadorned back side.  In my experience this is an exceptionally large piece of smoothed and engraved pan bone that is without cracks or chips.  If weighs a full 2 pounds.  It could be displayed as is or repurposed into another object or project.  It is unique and Fine.

    Price -  $300.00

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