Item SCR16 - Whale Bone Wrench Stem. 

Scrimshaw Wrenches crafted from whale bone are rare.  Aside from steel adjustable and pipe wrenches with secondarily added whale bone handles, and a single die wrench (with steel working parts), I can only think of a single all bone bed wrench as examples.  This wrench with a 5/8 tapered socket to fit a plug is unique in my experience.  It has a graduated and turned whale bone handle that is 11 inches long with ovoid finial that steps down from diameter at the top to diameter at the bottom, having six bands of turned decoration en route.  2 inches from the top there is a rectangular slot meant to hold a turning bar (probably of whale bone, wood, or metal).  The bottom has a tapered square end that would fit into a plug or other socket, probably to turn a threaded insert into some sort of a whale bone fixture.  The tapered end shows wear from use.  An enigmatic tool, only conjecture exists about its probable use.  Interesting and Fine


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