Item SCR18 - Small Ivory Handled Magnifying Glass. 

This whale? Ivory handled tool is unique in my experience.  The delicately turned  terete handle is only about 3 inches long,, and decorated with 5 carefully spaced rings.  These are filled with a dark pigment (tar or carbon black paste).  The terminal end has stain that appears to be pitch.  The other end is equipped with a non-ferrous ferrule, in which is embedded by a delicate “more than half-moon frame” (also non-ferrous) that encloses and grips a small magnifying lens that is about 1 1/8” diameter.  I’m guessing that the lens may have originated as part of a spy glass or eye glasses.  The magnification factor is substantial and the optics are very good.  It may have been made and used by a scrimshander to check his work.  It certainly is an aid to me when looking closely at engraved ivory.  Fine

Price -  $125.00

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