Item SCR19 -  Bone-Handled Ornate Food Chopper.

Even without the bone (probably whale bone) handle, this very elegant food chopper is about 5 cuts above the usual vegetable chopper that you see.  The bottom of the blade is evenly curved, with an edge edge length of about 7 inches, and a straight line width of six inches.  Above this are chamfered sides that reach up to a delightful narrowing neck that is only about 1/8” wide at the bottom of the bone handle.  But as it narrows horizontally it increases in thickness so that is about 3/8” thick at the top.  It is securely peened at the top of the handle, which is 4 inches long and 1 inch wide—tapering at each end.  While these bone handled choppers are often though of as ‘Ulu”s—Eskimo Women’s knives.  I don’t think that most native Arctic people had the blacksmithy talent or equipment to produce a blade like this.   Good+


Price - $200.00


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