Item SCR20 - Scrimshaw Walrus Tusk Segment.  Native American Figure

This 7 ¼ x 2” segment of a walrus tusk is finely engraved with the figure of an American Plains Indian (probably representing a Sioux Chief) on one side, and a side view of an American Bison bull on the other.  The figure of the Chief is nearly 7 inches high, pretty much filling the ‘canvas’.  The man wears a war bonnet of eagle feathers with a “trailer” down his back.  There are a total of 28 feathers portrayed.  He is dressed in just a loin cloth with two bunches of what look like ceremonial feathers suspended from his neck.  He stands with arms across his chest, and his right hand is grasping a revolver.  The facial features are fine, with eyes, nose and mouth well portrayed.  The engraving is fine, filled with black pigment.  The wrapped feather quill bases, and some of the upper body engraving is pigmented with a brownish ink.  The Bison on the reverse side is much smaller, being just two inches long, but is nicely portrayed from the animal’s left side, it is a satisfyingly “hairy” bison, with horns, hump and a prominent penile region.  The engraving appears to be late 19th century in style and execution, and makes a nice example of scrimshaw.  Fine.








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