Item SCR5 - Ornate Food Chopper with Whale Bone Handle. 

This very nice food chopper has a quite graceful blade shape.  The bottom edge is gently rounded as expected, but the upper edge of the blade has an intriguing curve on each side to a quiet narrow (and deep) neck.  This narrows to a tang that goes though the bone handle and is peened off on the top.  The blade has some light storage ruse,  but has very little pitting and has lines in the steel that suggest hand forging.  The whale bone handle is 4 inches long and has a roughly octagonal cross section with gently chamfered sides.  The thickness of the handle is about 7/8 square and tapers to square at the ends.  The edge length of the blade is about 5 inches, and the chopper stands 5 inches high.  There are no apologies.  Fine.


Price - $190.00

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