Item SCR7- Sailor Made Whale Bone and Ivory Marking Gage

Easily the nicest simple marking gage that Ive  seen from the 19th Century whaling era, this is most distinctive for having the stem made from the mandible of a Sperm Whale, and the head made of a solid piece of whale ivory (the tooth of a sperm whale).  The bulk of a marking gage head or fence is usually too large to be made from a single tooth, but this gage (as large as it is) was fashioned from what must have been a very large whale tooth.  Ive not seen another gage like it.  The bone stem of the gage is 9 inches long and square in cross section.  The sides and top of the stem are square, while the bottom is gracefully convex.  A steel marking pin was first placed at one end of the stem.  It then broke some of the bone at the point of its emergence and was later repositioned at the other end of the stem.  The whale ivory head is 7/8 thick and measures 2 inches high at its center (1 high at its ends).  It is carefully mortised to match the convex side of the stem.  The head shows very nice wear to both sides, and has clearly been carefully used.  The ornate fixing thumb screw is whale ivory with a lathe-turned lower flange.  This flange has a chip on one side, but its presence, plus the wear on the head and the cracked end of one stem do not detract, and serve as proof of the use of this gage.  It is dense and heavy, and is a prize for any marking gage or scrimshaw collection.  Fine



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