Item SCR7- 12 Inch Rule.  Sailor Made Macassar ebony 1 foot Stick with Inlays

This nice un-graduated one foot rule is surely sailor made, likely from a 19th century whale ship.  The Macassar ebony body (there is one small light streak on the back has whale ivory ends.  The top surface has a groove across the middle dividing the rule into two 6-inch halves.  The is an inlaid “embellishing” line of light wood inlay about ¼ inch from one edge.  There are four diamond-shaped inlays, one near each end with two colors of wood, and two near the midpoint have whale ivory surrounded by mahogany wood.  The piece is 12 inches long, and is ¾ inch wide.  It is a very nice piece of a sailor’s work.  Fine.


  Price - $325.00

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