Item SCR9 - Timber Scribe. Bone or Antler Handle.

This is a special timber scribe that is collection worthy. The scribe is smaller than usual—it has an overall length of just 4 ¾ inches. It has an attractive handle carved from very dense bone, having streaks of surface material that signal is is made from antler—but very dense antler. The handle is chamfered with 8 sides, four wide and 4 narrowed. The base and ferrule are brass that are chamfered to match the bone of he handle. The blade features three arms—one point and two grooving blades. The stems of these arms are of steel that is fashioned into ornate and appealing shapes. There is some pitting to the arms, but the tool is certainly functional if you want to use it. The blade section is also unusually small, having a maximum length of 1 3/8 inches. This is a great little scribe, belonging to the class of “Art in Tools.” Good+


   Price - $290.00

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