Item SCR9 - Sailmaker’s Fid. 

This excellent smaller fid is made of Sperm Whale pan bone, and has excellent old patina and wear.  The fid is about 6 ˝ inches long, and is evenly tapered from its slightly blunted point (wear) to about 1 inch diameter at its domed top.  The top is decorated with three lathe cut circumferential lines.  The most interesting decoration is from use.  The pointed end has the clear wear from setting grommets, while there are dents near the top on one side showing signs of having been hammered, perhaps to pry the fid in order to loosen knots in cordage.  The fid is also stained with pitch as would be expected from use with tarred cordage.  It is a wonderful working tool that is old and has been used.  Fine



   Price -  $245.00

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