Item SUR1 - Buff & Berger (Boston) Engineer’s Dumpy Level. 

This older dumpy level is marked “Buff & Berger / Boston” on its level rule on one side and with the serial number 1604 on the other.  This corresponds, I believe, to a manufacturing date in the year 1890.  The instrument is housed in what appears to be its original dovetailed mahogany case, sans the carrying strap.  The telescope length is 17 ¼ inches.  The level bubble is larger than normal, and needs a fluid addition.  The optics are clear and sharp although some dirt of the lenses should be cleaned.  I cannot see stadia, if the instrument had them (stadia are listed as an “extra” for this instrument in the 1897 Buff & Berger catalogue.  The instrument is finished with Buff & Berger’s “Cloth Finish” and the uncoated brass surfaces have not been polished.  The instrument comes with its lens cover, sun shade, and multi-tool consisting of a screw driver spanner wrench and hex nut wrench.  There is a faded label on the inside cover of the box that is headed as “L. Berger & Sons / successors to Buff & Berger.”  This level may have been in stock until after the break up of Buff & Berger about 1898, or the label could have been added later during a factory reconditioning.   It is a collectible instrument.  Good+





 Price - $200.00


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