Item SUR11 - Five Early Surveyors' Compass Rose Drawings

This velum panel contains pen and ink drawings of the compass cards of five early American survey instrument makers.  Each maker is listed with dates, and an example of each card is shown.  The drawings range from 4 to 6 in diameter and are arranged on a piece of velum that is 15 x 18 and is suitable for framing.  The makers include:.   Fine


William Gurley, 1821-1887 and Lewis E. Gurley, 1826-1897                C. G. King, Boston, Mass.  1808 -1858

                                 Pliny Sexton, Palmyra, NY. 1796-1881                                                         Abel Buel, New Haven, Conn.  1742 18

                                                                               Daniel Burnap, East Windsor, Conn.  1759- 1838


This is not a print, but an original pen and ink drawing, signed by  E. T. McKee, 3-9-1964.  This is in Fine Condition.


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