Item SUR6 - R. Bucher (Meilen)  Swiss Military Plane Table (for Alidade) with Tripod, Cases and Map Folder.  Fine

Field plane table, with tripod, map case and covers is marked by R. Bucher of Meilen, Switzerland.  The table has a button-type level near one upper corner, and a threaded metal insert centered below to receive the threaded rod on the tripod.  The table is plain wood, 1" thick and is 20 inches high and 28 1/2 half inches wide. It is protected by a heavy woven wool case with strongly reinforced leather edges and cornerd.  There are two leather belt buckle style closures.  The tripod, is made of anodized aluminum top plate and upper halves of the legs.  There are hardwood extensions on each leg that allow it to easily reach a working height of about 40 inches, or less.  The legs fold and are easily packed in a heavy woven wool and leather carrying case with leather shoulder strap.  The map case has the same area as the plane table top, and contains a heavy paper inner case with instructions written in both German and French.  Plane table surveying has been used successfully in Switzerland for measuring the height of winter snow pack in mountains with avalanche potentaiding in the prediction of avalanche events.  The alidade shown in the pictures is the US Military field alidade shown in item SUR5.  This plane (or traverse) table could certainly accommodate more complex examples. is a nice item for a collection of survey instruments.  Fine.


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