Item WC6 -  Sperm Whale Oil.  F. C. Henderson, Boston.  3oz

This bottled Sperm Whale “Sewing Machine Oil) is in a larger than normal 3 oz size, with original cork stopper.  The fairly long neck bottle has “Made in U.S.A.” molded on one side, and “3 oz” on the other.  The back of the bottle is plane.  The front has a full original paper label, in  a recess, that reads, “STANDARD” (in an arc) / “Sewing / Machine / SPERM / OIL” – “ F. C.. HENDERSON / Boston / Mass” / “STAINLESS” (inverted arc).  The firm of F. C. Henderson is variously represented in Brookline, Mass; and Boston as having sold a number of products during the early 1900s that included stencils, pianos, and sewing machines.  These appear in trade citations dating from about 1911 to 1918.  The latter product included machines with the title “Standard” (like this label).  I can find no record that they produced the Sperm oil in this bottle, and almost surely it was repackaged by them—probably from New Bedford sources.   The bottle is about 6 ½” high (including a fairly 2” neck.  Its greatest width is 2” with straight sides.  The bottle is nearly full, with the oil level nearly reaching the bottom of the neck.  It is light amber in color, with some dark sediment encrusting the bottom.  The cork stopper is old (probably original) and has darkened edges.  Debris from the underside of the cork is probably the source of the dark sediment adhering to the bottom.  The cork has one old chip on one side of its upper rim, but it sits proud of the lip of the bottle and it shows now sign of having ever been removed.  I have seen one other example of F. C. Henderson Sewing Machine Oil.  But it was in a 2 oz size, and its color (clear), and plastic screw top cap belied its claim to be vintage Sperm Oil.  This, is think, is the real thing, and would be a great addition to a Sperm oil collection.  Good+







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