Item WP14 - Ship Builder’s Coffin Smooth Plane. 

This 8 inch coffin smoother has a body made from a very dense, fine grain tropical hardwood that is  dense enough to make the plane body sink like a rock when placed in water.  The slim plane is 2 inches wide at the shoulders, and has a double blade marked by D.R. Barton of Rochester, NY.  It has no maker's nor owner's marks.  There is some shallow checking on the top of the plane, front of the throat, and the left side of the heel at the corner has a chip about half way up.  Neither defect will affect use of the plane.  The wedge is made of a lighter, but dense hardwood, and has some wear on the sides.  It was typical for New England ship carpenters to make their planes from exotic hard woods brought back by merchant vessels roaming the world in the 19th century.  Good+





Price -  $45.00



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