Item WP2 - he Taber Plane Co. ***(New Bedford, Mass).  Moving Filetster

The Taber Plane Co. of  New Bedford bears no relationship to New Bedford’s dean of plane making, John M. Taber, rather, the company upon its founding acquired the patent rights to a patent owned by Wing Taber and George Abbot—hence the source of the Taber Plane Co name.  The company made high quality planes for a six year span, from 1866 to 1872, and they are known especially for their plow planes.  This moving filetster plane shows the company’s quality workmanship,  Its beech body solid, well crafted, and needs only a light cleaning.  The body is fitted with a “hammerhead” inlet boxwood wear strip on the right side of the sole, as well as a spur in good condiiton and an outboard brass depth stop.  The wedge is original and near perfect.  While Taber Plane Co. marked planes are not scarce, this one shows the “B1” mark, which AWPIV lista as 3 stars for rarity (very rare –50 to 100 examples thought to exist.   This mark is signified by an added line of “gibberish”  While the standard mark rates a FF (frequently found) designation, the B mark includes a final line which includes the patent date (Feb. 28-65) for the Taber and Abbot patent.  The B1 mark on this plane shows that final line as “gibberish.).  Fortunately, on this plane that line shows the source of the gibberish.  The patent date was first struck, the error then realized, and it was over-struck again to be almost unreadable.  So this plane is an interesting example of a stamping error.  The plane is fine.




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