Item WP2 - Mahogany Razee Jointer Plane.  24”. 

Typical of the sorts of jointer planes made along the New England by ship carpenters for their personal use, this example is made of an exotic mahogany type wood with a reddish cast in the eye pleasing razee style.  The closed tote and wedge are made of he same material.  The plane has a body 24 inches long, 2 inches wide, and 2 5/8 inches deep at the toe.  It is unmarked.  The shapely closed tote has a repaired horn (so well done it is hard to see), but that is the only apology.  The wedge is nicely chamfered.  The blade is 2 ’ wide and is marked by Charles Buck.  The chip breaker carries mark of Sheffield maker Moulson Brothers, but there is little doubt that this is an American (New England) made plane.  Even though the plane is nearly new and has been little used, the maker anticipated wear to the sole and installed, preemptively, a nice brass sole plate at the mouth.  There is a button type  steel strike plate 3 inches back from the toe—a feature not often seen on these planes.  This is a very pretty plane and is one of the nicest of its type that I’ve seen.  Fine








       Price -  $100.00


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