Item WP6 - Group of 5 John M. Taber* (New Bedford) Planes.

John Marshall Taber worked in New Bedford from about 1820 until his death in 1872.  As New Bedford’s longest serving plane maker he was the major source of planes for building ships and the homes of wealthy ship owners through the “fat” part of the whaling era when New Bedford was the capitol of American whaling and the richest city (per capita) in the United States.  The 5 planes share the same “C” mark that was probably used during the post 1850 part of Taber’s career, and three of them share the same “S. B.” owner’s mark.  The planes consist of:
1” rabbet plane (two fence holes in sole);
No. 12 Hollow Plane;
No. 14 Hollow Plane;
No. 6 Round Plane;
No. 4 round plane that has been modified into a round grooving or table joint plane.
All have good wedges, and are free of important checks or other damage.  Some light cleaning is needed.  Good+


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