Item WP8 - William Lourie (Edinburgh) Complex Molding Plane. 

This large Scottish molding plane is marked by William Lourie, who worked in Edingburgh between 1774 and 1813.  The plane is a large one, with a body that is nearly 3 inches wide.  The plane has wide flat chamfers.  It has good wood and wedge with no cracks, bruises, or other problems.  The blade is clean and shiny.  There are two sizes of holes behind the nose that look like they were made for two sizes of pull sticks.  The profile is a nice one cutting a large cove with astragal.  The width of the cut is 1 inches wide, and 1 inches deep.  It is a nice plane with just one bit of staining on the right side behind the escapement.  Fine.






Price -    $55.00

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