Item B15 - McClelland Patent Corner Brace.

Stephen McClelland was one of the more innovative inventors of braces and drills.  His most familiar invention was a line of corner braces that he called, “V-Guide Corner Brace Drills” for which he was awarded at least 4 patents between 1887 and 1902.  The example here represents the original patent (No. 583,531; June 29, 1897), and known to have been manufactured.  A slightly earlier patent was apparently not executed.  This example is marked only “Pat. Appld. For” and probably produced before the patent was awarded.  It does not have provision for the very rare “D” handle provided for in the patent drawings.  This one has the original eccentrically adjustable breast plate and has the mounting brackets for moving the top handle down to a lower position, just above the chuck.  For a nice description of McClellan’s patents see the article by Jim Schoenky in Fine Tools Journal, Vol 52 (4): 14-17, 2003.  Like most of McClellan’s corner braces, this one has a Millers Falls chuck (with patented McCoy’s jaws).  Apparently McClellan at some point became a salesman for Millers Falls, and used their chuck exclusively in his tools.  This brace has little rust or pitting, and works smoothly.  It is Good+

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