B4 - Quimby Backus – No. 27 Brace Wrench

For comoparison with the preceding Millers Falls brace wrench of the the sort patented and produced by Quimby Backus.  It is marked “No. 27” on the moderately pitted bow.  See http://www.sydnassloot.com/Brace/Backus.htm.  This tool is a non-ratcheting “sleeve” brace.  It has a chuck that is well scarred with wrench marks, but does not appear to have been marked.  The brace stands 15” high, and has a sweep of about 9”.  The top handle rotates, as does the wrist handle. The brace stands 15”tall and has tropical hardwood handles that are in good shape. It can grip square or hex nut heads from about 3/8” to about 1” diameter.  The chuck shell has right-hand threads.  Easily Good

Price -  $40.00

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