B4 - Fray & Pigg (Bridgeport, CT) No. 8 Spofford Patent Brace

Among the earliest braces produced by the John S. Fray Co. of Bridgeport, Ct. were those conforming to the Nelson Spofford patent of Nov. 1, 1859. See http://www.sydnassloot.com/brace.htm) The earliest of these were marked, “Fray and Pigg, along with the Spofford patent date, and likely were made between 1859 and 1866. The earliest ones did not have wooden handles, with simply a slightly swollen iron wrist handle, and a cast iron top handle with radiating ridges on the underside, marked with the sweep of the brace (this one is an 8” sweep). In time models of the brace were produced with wooden handles, including the famous cocobolo wrist handles bound with pewter rings. This example of the early form is in quite good condition with good patent and maker marks. It has an even dark brown patina without rust or pitting. The Spofford chuck is one of the most enduring ever made, and it continues to provide a reliable holder of standard auger bits having square tapered tangs. This is a nice brace for a collection or for use. Good+


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