Item B7- Fray & Pigg.  Spofford Patent Iron Brace. 

This smaller (7” sweep) iron Spofford patent brace is marked the the early partnership of John S. Fray and Horace Pigg, in Bridgeport, Ct.  Pigg appears as a partner on some braces, and then disappears.  It is speculated that he may have been a financial supporter of Fray’s.  This brace is marked “Spofford’s Pat.”  It does not have the usual sweep number on the  underside of the top handle, so is likely a fairly early one.  Being plain and simple, is it still a nice brace, since the simplicity the Spofford patent allowed this type to last a lot of hard work before breaking down.  It is made to be used with the standard auger bit having a tapered square shank.  The brace is easily Good. 



     Price -  $25.00

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