Item B7- Hazeltine & Chantrell Patent Adjustable Socket Wrench. 

This adjustable socket wrench (Schulz No. 918) was based on the chuck patent of Felix Chantrell awarded to him on Feb. 28, 1882 (Cope's date of  Feb. 2, 1882 is incorrect) and manufactured by Hazeltine & Cantrell of Bridgeport, CT.  The patent was also used in a brace that I've found one example of and which is given an 'A' for rarity by Ron Pearson.  Felix Chantrell was the son of machinist John Chantrell, who was born (1822) in France, found a wife in England and moved to the United States and settled in Bristol, CT by 1860.  Both father and son (Born 1853) worked together in Bridgeport in the early 1880s, with John receiving several brace patents in the early 1880s.  By 1885 they had moved to Reading, Pennsylvania and received patents for tool, file, and screwdriver handles.  Both showed up later in Brooklyn, with John dying in 1909 and Felix following him in 1933.  Their seminal invention was the adjusting of a split chuck, using a captive knurled wheel contained in the chuck.  That is the gist of this socket wrench and later chucks patented by John.  This is a scarce tool and is in Good+ condition.




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