Item BP13 - Sargent No. 5607 Low Angle Block Plane.

This uncommon block plane was built by Sargent in the form of the Stanley No. 65 knuckle joint block plane. That is, as a low angle blade with adjustable mouth, knuckle joint lever cap, and a 7 inch body length. What makes this plane different is that the mouth is positioned as that on a 6 inch plane, and is therefore proportionally closer to the toe than that of other 7 inch block planes. This one has the nickel plated trimmings of planes made just before and after WWII. It was made until about 1950. This example has most of its original finishes, and is sullied only by a chip (about 1/4” long and 1/8” deep) at the rear of the throat, on its left side. This should not affect use. Good (due to the chip).


Price - $40.00

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