Item BP6 - Stanley No. 63 Low Angle Block Plane. 

This 7” low angle block plane, with nickel trimmings is one that you don’t often see.  Made only from 1911 to 1933.  This is an early example, having the arched Stanley logo, S casting mark, and the 1897 patent date (handy grip) in the bed..  It has a 1 5/8” wide blade, with a screw adjust cutter.  It is a stretch version of the Stanley No. 60, but less common.  The throat on this model is not adjustable.  This one has most of its original japanning in the bed.  Some of the nickel plating has worn from the hooded lever cap, but it is much better than expected in this scarce and useful plane.  Easily Good+


Price -   $125.00

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