Item BP9 - Foster (Buffalo) Aluminum Block Plane.

In the 1940 to 1960 time frame the Foster Mfg Co. of Buffalo, New York, made a couple of aluminum block plane models. The most common is similar to the Stanley No. 101 thumb block plane, but has an aluminum body. The second, and much more scarce model is this one, a 7” long block, with 2 1/16” wide body, and a cutter having a 1 3/4” wide steel blade. The body, lever ccap and blade fixing screw are all aluminium. This is in the form of the familiar Stanley No. 110 block plane, but has a thumb depression in the nose in place of the Stanley version's front knob. It is a scarce plane. This example has been used enough to put a few light scratches in the aluminum body, but all of the aluminum surfaces are clean, shiny, and new-looking. The steel blade is unmarked, but is surely original. The body is marked, “Made in USA” on the nose, and behind the frog is cast, “Foster / 1 Kinsey / Buffalo, NY”. It is in collectible condition and shows no damage except some small casting voids at the base of the Frog. Fine.


 Price -  $30.00

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