Item C11 - Underhill Edge Tool Co 4” Slick. Extra Heavy Short Blade

At first glance you might think that this quality slick has a blade that is about used up—it is only 5 ½ inches from head to shoulders. But a closer look suggests otherwise. The blade is extra thick, measuring 5/8” thick at the shoulders, yet the blade weighs about 4 lbs as is. The Underhill mark is quite close to the top of the blade, with its upper edge at the shoulders. Incidentally the mark is different from most Underhill marks that you see. This one reads “Underhill / Edge Tool Company” in a font much larger than usual, and it is stamped at about a 45 degree angle to the axis of the blade. The tool is fitted with a handle that is much longer than usual, being 25 inches, bringing the slick's tota length to more than 37 inches. Finally, if you extend the taper thickness from the shoulder to the edge, the top of the blade's thickness will reach the the bottom of the thickness with only 2 inches added to the current length. For all of these reasons I think that this hugely thick blade was designed to be short from the beginning. The edge length is exactly 3 7/8” wide, making it heavy big chisel, capable of taking “big bites” of tough wood. Easily Good+


  Price - $110.00

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