Item C16 - Two Stanley Everlasting Chisels. 

In 1929 Stanley introduced a line of Everlasting chisels that featured hard rubber or composition handles, swirled and colored to simulate exotic wood.  These were produced as “100 Plus” tools.  Within a year or two Stanley ceased producing these Everlasting chisels, so these composition handle chisels are scarce (I’ve only seen four of them, including these,  in the wild.  These include a 1 3/8” wide bevel edge butt chisel, marked only with the Stanley rectangle logo deeply pressed in top of the chisel blade.  The blade and the steel butt plate are generally clean with only some very, very fine pitting on the back –no edge problems..  The overall length of the chisel is 10 inches, with the length from the edge to the shoulders is 4 1/2 inches, and from edge to top of the socket is 6 ½  inches.  The second, and matching chisel has an edge length of 1 ½ inches, with a total length of 8 inches; 3” from edge to shoulders, and 4 ¾” to the top of the socket.  There is a small chip at the top of the handle, underneath steel striking point.  While these chisels have been described as having handles with swirled composition material of brownish colors, the color range in these swirled pattern handles is from orange to black.  The color is well bonded to the handle, and is not affected by solvents.  The other two chisels like it that I’ve found were in the ¼ and ½ inch sizes.  This one are considerably larger.  and are  scarce Stanley examples of one of their finest chisels.  Easily Good+


Price -   $120.00

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