Item C4 - Neolithic Adze Head. 

This early adze head would be a great addition to any collection of edge tools.  Flaked from a piece of flint the adze head is 5 long with an original edge length of about 3, which has been shortened by about due to an old edge chip.  The tool narrows to the heel, which has a width of 1   It is worked to be relatively flat on the bottom, and in true adze style arches on the top to a maximum depth of about .  The flaking over most of the surfaces is large, with finer, secondary flaking near the sides and front edges, making them reasonably sharp.  Almost surely American Indian in origin this could have been the work of early Bering Strait area Eskimos.  Certainly hundreds of years old, today it would make a great paperweight or conversation piece.  Good+

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