Item C8 - Plane Maker's Float. Made from a Triangular Fine.

This distinctive tool—a float for smoothing difficult surfaces—is of the type used by plane makers for smoothing the blade bedding surfaces in wooden planes. Interestingly, tool of this type, and also modified from metal file precursors were made on whale ships to be used in smoothing the ridges on whale teeth before polishing them for the engraving in making scrimshaw. Many examples of this sort of tool exist in the collection of the New Bedford Whaling Museum. This float has been fashioned from a large triangular saw file tapering from a narrow point to 1/2” per side over an 8” length. The file was first annealed and then “teeth” were filed across one width with a pitch of about 4 ½ ppi. The teeth are slightly irregular, befitting a hand made tool. They are quite flat and transversely filed. They are also quite sharp and ready to use. This is a fine and useful tool for making the blade bedding in a wooden plane, or the preliminary smoothing of Sperm whale teeth before engraving. Good+

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