Item C9 - G. W. Bradley (Weston, CT) Bridge Builder's Mortise Chisel 1/2”

Here is an unusual and large mortise chisel of the sort used by bygone wooden bridge builders, and perfect for today's timber frame builders. The chisel is long, being 18 ¼ inches from the edge to the top of the socket, and having a blade length of over 14 inches from edge to the “shoulders.” It is capable of chopping mortised in very thick timbers.It marked by the G. W. Bradley Co. of Weston, Connecticut.  This company produced edge tools of high quality, including draw knives, axes, adzes, etc. and also made tools for use in slaughter houses.  The firm was originally founded by Wakeman Bradley who moved from Southport to Weston (on the Saugatuck River) as early as 1812.  A son, Gershom Wakeman Bradley, began to make edge tools under his name about 1834.  The firm passed through succeeding family generations until 1906 when it was sold.  The chisel is in good working shape, with only some general light pitting. The ½ inch wide edge is good. The chisel had been used to the point that the top of the socket was well peened. I ground that out, and removed the stub of the handle, I've put a temporary handle on it, but a better proper handle is needed..  It is an early tool, quite well made, and would be a great addition to any edge tool collection, or to be put back to work timber framing. Good+ 


  Price - $60.00

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