Item D1 - Jigger or Howeling Knife. 

This “one armed” draw knife most closely resembles the “jigger” or Howeling knfie used to chamfer the inside of a cask.  This one, however, having an edge length of only 3 ¾” inches would work on a very small cask.  Moreover the edge is straight, not concave.  Not a modified draw knife, the right side handle is forged continuously from the handle, is slightly bulbous, and bears a maker’s mark, LIE.”  The handle on the other side is bent at a right angle to the blade, it has a harddwood handle (with check) and a steel ferrule.  The length of the blade and straight handle is 8”.  There Is a colllection number on the ferrule.  Fine.




  Price  -  $50.00.

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