Item DR7 - Yankee (North Bros) No. 1500 Chain Drill.

For some reason(s) chain drill attachments for bitstocks are not nearly as common as they were 20 years ago. They remain great tools to assist in heavy duty drilling projects with bit braces. Looping a sturdy chain around something to be drilled or bored (eg. Pressure treated timbers, heavy beams, pipes, steel beams, etc) and then having the tool pull the cutting bit with great force are still very useful tools. Like nearly all of the tools made by North Brothers n the first half of the 20th century, the two chain drills that they made at the very top of the class for quality and functionality. This example, and No 1500, having a jaw chuck suitable for auger bits an 1/2 twist drill bits, is one of he best chain drills ever made. This drill features an automatic feed that is fixed and without adjustment. Just chuck this into a bit brace and bore with great ease. This example is clean and has its original full length chain. It is without fault and is Fine.

 Price  - $50.00




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