Item DR7 - Goodell-Pratt No. 279 High Speed Breast Drill

 This is a scarce drill to find, and is a distinctive one, having an aluminum gear enclosure with nickeled shaft, nose piece and crank handle.  It changes gears, from high (7chuck revolutions per crank turn to slow (2 revs per crank turn) with an easy to manipulate broad knurled ring at the base of the crank handle.  The breast plate is arched and padded with a broad leather strap across its top.  The steel handle has lost most of its orange and black finish, and the leather strap is only slight frayed along the edges. The drill stands 20 inches high and weighs 7 pounds.  The three jaw chuck is marked with an 1895 patent date and takes round shanked bits up to ½ inch diameter.  The handle is marked with an 1915 patent date—the year the drill was introduced.  There are some light rust spots on the upper shank, and the drill generally shows the wear of honest use.  It works smoothly, and will be strong, if uncommon, drill for large boring jobs.  Easily Good.





 Price  - $60.00 




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