SCR13 - Two Barbed Eskimo Sealing Harpoon Heads.

This pair of old (probably prehistoric) sealing harpoons probably originated in the Bering Straits—either on St. Lawrence Island, or nearby on the northern Alaska coast.  The harpoon heads are in the older barbed style, with multiple barbs (one having four, the other five), and show two manners of attaching the head to a fore shaft.  The smaller head is 3 ¾ inches long, 5/8 inches maximum height, and is composed of walrus ivory with age staining at its base.  There is damage at its base, but does not appear to have been drilled with a socket for the fore shaft.  Rather, there is a narrow slit that perforates the base and was likely used to either lash a shaft to the head, or affix a seal leather line to the head.  The rearmost of the 5 barbs has lost its tip.  The second harpoon head is made of  bone or antler (caribou).  It is 4 7/8 inches long, with a greatest height of about 1 inch.  One of the second tier of barbs (4 total) has been broken off..  The damage is old, and the broken base was smoothed with knife cuts.  The base of the head is tapered, and probably fitted into a socket in the harpoon fore shaft.  A drilled transverse hole was used to attach the harpoon line to it.  This is an engaging pair points for a harpoon collection.  Easily Good.

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