SCR13 - Eskimo or Inuit Ulu (Woman’s Knife) with Steel Blade.

This classic ulu is clearly from the historic era, having a steel blade that was most likely obtained from a 19th century western hand saw.  The blade fragment was set into a bone lunate handle that is decorated with transverse notches above, and a carved out depression (on each side) below.  This depression makes a nice finger hold to fit the handle to the hand.  The steel blade has a rounded edge that is about 6 inches (straight measure) long, and is maximally 2 ½ inches deep below the handle.  It has some light rust, but will clean if you like.  Its sides slant up to the handle.  The handle is attached to the blade with a single steel rivet.  Of interest is the fact that on one side of the blade, the original teeth of the borrowed saw blade have been retained, and certainly could function to enhance the work of the knife—by making a saw edge to cut through tough tendons, or so scale fish.  It is an unusual, and quite interesting ulu.  Good+


  Price -  $230.00


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