ESK14 - Early Eskimo Seal Harpoon Heads. Walrus Ivory. Prehistoric.

This group of harpoon heads for seal hunting were made from walrus ivory and all are stained, indicating a sojourn of being buried in peat-rich permafrost. All were found in the St. Lawrence Island region. These have open receivers for harpoon foreshafts that were lashed to the heads through slit-like apertures at the back halves of the heads. All but one of the heads is slotted for holding blades transversely to the direction of rotation of the harpoon head that toggles it when the prey is harpooned. The blades would have been slate or chipped stone, and were carried into the field in small boxes, and mounted shortly before use. Most of these harpoon heads have engravings consisting of diverging and converging lines, with some having small drilled holes surrounded by engraved circles. This decoration is characteristic of the so-called Punuk Eskimo culture that existed in the Bering Straits region between about 500 and 1500 CE. They are prehistoric in age. These are sold by choice $100.00 each (Inventory 586)

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