ESK14 - Bering Strait Eskimo Chisel or Scraper, with Skew Nephrite Blade. 

This uncommon tool was likely dug from a midden on St. Lawrence Island in the northern Bering Sea.  The tool has a hard nephrite blade that is finely ground to a sharp edge and is mounted in a dense bone handle (probably whale) in a skew manner.  The length of the tool is about 5 inches, with the handle being 1 wide and 1 inch thick.  The edge length of the blade is 1 inch.  The back of the handle has been scarfed to receive a handle extension, and two holes have been bored below this to lash said extension.  The tool was clearly made  to be used in the hand for fine chisel or carving work, or with a handle extension for more vigorous scraping.  Ive not seen an Eskimo chisel or scraper fitted with a finely ground skew blade before.  Good+


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