SCR15 - Model Eskimo Kayak, Bering Strait Style. 

19th century kayaks from the Norton Sound and Bering Straits region of Alaska are distinctive for the combination of and open hand hold above the bow, ans a straight hand hold and the stern.  This kayak meets those criteria, and is in excellent condition.  An older model the construction of this one mirrors that of full size kayak and was surely made by a maker who built the real things.  While this kayak model does not have the ancillary accoutrements (paddle, harpoon gear, model kayaker etc), it remains an excellent example for a collection or display.  The kayak is 26 long with a beam of 4 inches at the cockpit.  The construction is a very accurate wood frame that is lashed together with sinew.  The kayak is covered with seal skin of a rugged nature.  I believe that this the barbed seal hide, an it is stitched with sinew.  The kayak has almost no wear or damage, and needs just a light cleaning to remove accumulated dust and grime.  You will look hard to find a nicer authentic old kayak of this type.  Fine.





Price -   $350.00



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