SCR17 - Eskimo Seal Skin Doll. Glass Bead Facial Figures.

This doll—surely made to be played with as a child's toy—appears to date from the early 1900s. Its body (limbs, head, legs, etc) is of fine muslin cloth well stuffed with an unknown material. The torso and arms are clothes with fine haired seal skin and is hemmed at bottom, cuffs, and collar with tanned seal skin cut into fringe. The legs are covered with seal leather gauntlets with a hand sewn seam using sinew (all of the stitching on the doll appears to be sinew). The head is covered with a hat of fine fur that I believe to be dog fur. The facial features are created from fine glass beads (red mouth, black nose, black eyes and eyebrows, white pupils). The exposed hands are of seal leather with cut out mittens. The right hand mitten has suffered some damage, and both sides are dry and curled. The doll is 9 ½ inches high with a parka width of 3 inches. The outstretched arms have a span of about 7 inches. The doll has clearly been used, and could use a gentle cleaning. In addition to the aforesaid damage to the mittens, there is a small separation between the collar and right shoulder. It is an endearing doll, and is almost certainly Alaskan in origin. It descended from a California collection. Easily Good+.



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