Item ESK3  - Inuit Carving of a Seal Hunter. 

This striking Inuit carving of a seal hunter is carved from hard black stone, and measures 10 inches high, 4 inches wide, and 1 inch thick.  It shows native hunter with peaked cap, shar chin and nose, peering ahead as he moves across the ice toward distant prey.  The smooth stone is engraved to show details of the hair, parka decoration, mukluks and harpoon ( swivel-barb one).  The carving will stand on its feet and carries with it a mood of intensity.  Most likely from Cape Dorset, the figure is signed on the bottom of one mukluk with a number, “3180” and on the other with a date (1975) and the Inuit name of the carver UՉՂ.  The underside of the parka also bears a Christie’s East Auction House sticker, “CD821 -136/18”.  I have not located this auction.  This is an interesting and decorative original Inuit carving.  Fine.






  Price -  $250.00

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