Item ESK3  - Kayak (or Umiak) Deck Cleat.

This cleat-like Eskimo tool was probably used as the head of  line retriever, somewhat like a boat hook.  Part of the gear carried on a hunter's kayak or umiak, this was brought into play after a harpooned seal or walrus  was exhausted after towing around a sealskin float attached to the harpoon line.  This fixture, lashed to the end of a wooden pole, was used to snag the harpoon line and finish the capture of the prey.. The base of the hook is grooved on its bottom to fit against the pole, and two reamed or gouged holes provide for hide lashings. The head has an overall length of 9 inches, width of inch and a height above the base of 1 inches. The forward arm of the cleat projects almost 5 inches ahead of the base and rises slightly toward a sharpened tip.  It is quite old, having acquired a rich brown patina from long residence in an organic rich permafrost. It was expertly crafted and has graceful chamfers and lines. There is nothing crude about it at all. Despite an age of hundreds of years, this artifact is without damage, and clearly shows the marks of its carving and use. It is made of Walrus ivory, and is Fine.






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