ESK7 - Eight Eskimo Lance and Barbed Hunting Points.

These larger points were likely used in a spear like fashion, although a appear to have been fitted on arrow shafts. They range in length from 5 to 10.5 inches with two of them (made of bone) carved with multiple barbs (and one having a zoomorphic fish like shape. The head of one ivory one (stained) was fitting for an iron or slate blade. The others probably functioned as lances, for killing captured prey. One of these is interesting for being made of white walrus ivory having a transverse band of baleen wrapped around it—likely having a charm or mystical meaning attached to it. These are exceptional forms, not often seen. $130.00 Each. (inventory 598).  Items 1, 4 & 6 have been sold.

         Price - $130.00 each

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