Item L8 - Unmarked Fancy Plumb & Level with Sights and Height Adjustment

This nearly unmarked fancy level has an ornate full brass top plate that feature fold-up brass sights, and a knob to lower a hight adjustment at one end.  The brass top plate is full length with an ornate cutout around the level vial.  The plumb and side views are also ornate with pointed finger-like projections that are set into the English oak body of the level.  The sights include a peep hole at one end, with a larger opening at the other with provision for cross hairs (missing0.  The level, sitting on an appropriate stand can be adjusted to center the sights on a distant target by turning the brass knob behind the cross hairs sight.  The elevation is read directly from a 1/16” scale on the height adjustment with a maximum elevation of 1 inch.  With a knowledge of the distance to the target, the declination or inclination of the level can be calculation.  The only mark on the level is “London” stamped on the elevation scale.  Except for the missing cross hairs the level is in near perfect condition.  Fine.

Price -   $175.00

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