Item L9 - Henry Disston & Sons No. 018 Adjustable Plumb & Level

This shorter Disston level is in excellent condition. It bears an 1912 patent date (for the grooved handy grip), and is 14 inches long. The wood appears to be cherry. It has a brass top plate with arched ends that is lightly stamped with the Disston name. The stick measures 2 inches deep and 1 inch wide. There are full brass end tips. Slotted screws are used throughout. I cannot find this model number in the 1914 catalog, nor in later WWII era Disston hand books. Indeed, the catalogs are devoid of smaller length levels with the plumb and level vial adustuments that this one has (Morse patents, 1877 & 78). It appears to be a scarce item, in little-used and excellent condition. Fine

Price -  $20.00.

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