Item MA11 - Precision Machinist's Square. Craftsman Made

This exquisite square is a great example of the work of a master machinist. The square measures 2 1/4” wide by 3 1/2” long, with a body that is 5/8 inches thick. It is machined with sharp edges along one side and end, that meet at a sharp 90 degree corner (watch that you don't cut yourself on these edges). The opposite sides are finished with closed end finger grooves and are japanned. The sharp edges are set off with ogee moldings, and the top and bottom flat surfaces are plunge milled with nice decorative depressions. The maker/owner engraved his name, “S. W. Chappell”, surrounded by delicate scroll work engraving. There are a few small spots of tarnish on the underside that will buff out, but this is a tour de force of a machinist's work. Fine


Price - $75.00

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