Item M24 - The L. S. Starrett Co. No. 667 Feeler Gage Stock Assortment. NOS.

Found in an old machinist chest from the 1930s, here are 12 stock feeler gage pieces, each 12 inches long, with a rounded end with hole, and packed in original paper sleeves.  The marked thicknesses of this feeler stock are; 0.0015 (2 pieces), 0.005, 0.006, 0.007, 0.008 (2 pieces), 0.009, 0.010, 0.011, 0.012, 0.013, and 0.014 inch.  This product was not available in the 1926 catalog, appeared as a special order item in the 1930 catalog, and as a special assortment without some of these thickness in the 1938.  Catalog.  The price in 1930 for this special order assortment was $6.00 (today’s comparable value would be about $102.00).  The condition here is Fine.

* - One of the two 0.008 size was absent for the photo

Price -  $25.00

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