Ordinary folks who visit my home look at my den, the basement, and my shop, and sadly shake their heads. Their bemused expressions tell me that they think some medication is in order for for my "problem."

Galoots, on the other hand, often say, "Damn!  I wish my wife could see this--it would really help take some heat off!"  Similar comments have poured in about the picture on my brace page that shows some of my braces hanging from the heating pipes in the basement.

So, here are some snap shots of the state of old tool affairs at Sydnas Sloot.  Enjoy, and feel free to show your family the length of this slope.  And, btw, George Langford reports that Todd Hughes is way below me.  And Linda Langford avers that George Langford is not far behind Todd.  So I have at least two more steps to descend!



This view from the nerve center of my den shows why my wife will no longer enter it.






And here is what you find when you descend into the basement:







The shop is not much better.