Item NA27- Samuel Thaxter & Son (Boston).  Box Compass.

Samuel Thaxter & Son made and sold navigating instruments in Boston under this name from 1822.  This smaller navigational dry card compass is marked, “S. Thaxter & Son”.  The top of th compass has a diameter 3 ¼ inches, and the spun brass bowl of the body is topped with glass having a brass top rim having knurled edges.  The inside of the body and compass card are clean and bright.  The compass is mounted on a brass gimball that suspends it in an unusual “box”.  Not the usual slide top wooden box, this one is an urn-shaped hardwood box that has a friction fit telescoping top that terminates with a mushroom-shaped finial.  This body is 5 inches diameter, and the assembly stands about 9 ½ inches tall.  It is stained dark brown.  The single foot on the bottom has an encircling bead, and has a mounting plate that could have been used to fasten it to some sort of binnacle.  I’ve not seen another like it, and it is a very decorative (and functional) compass.  Fine.




Price -   $300.00

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