Item NA28- Pacific Canoe Bailer.

Looking afar for nautical antiques I discovered this canoe bailer that is of a form found across the Pacific from Hawaii through the Caroline Islands. These bailers are crafted from a single piece of tropical hard wood, sometimes Koa and sometimes Breadfruit, and feature a handle that is included within the body of the bailer, not appended to it. This example is of a very graceful shape, slightly arched upward, with the interior handle carved from the same piece of wood as the body. This one uses the sapwood of the Koa to delineate the upper edge of the tool. The rear of the bailer comes to a point, almost like the bow of a whale ship. This bailer is 13 ½ inches long, 5 inches wide, and is 5 ½ inches deep at the “stern”. It is nearly identical with those made by the natives of Palau. Unique for a nautical collection, and Fine.



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