Item P40 - Stanley No. 55 Universal Combination Plane.  IOB, plus Custom Box

This exceptional example of Stanley’s most complex plane appears to be complete with all depth stops, fences, cam rest, beading stop, auxiliary center bottom, long and short arms, 4 boxes of cutters, full and in boxes, slitter, screw driver, original instruction booklets etc.  The plane has original shiny complete finishes, and was never used heavily.  It comes with its original tall version paste board box with full label.  The only down sides are that cutter box No. 3 has some discoloration and tattered label, and its cutters are tarnished; and that the instruction book is also tattered.  This is a 1920s era plane, loaded with SW logos and a 1922 patent date.  The original paste board box has near perfect labels, and only mild scuffing on the edges.  One reason that the  box is in such nice condition is that the owner went to a lot of time and effort to construct a fitted box for the plane, and that has been its home for much of its life.  The box is constructed of finger jointed white oak sides with cherry lined top, white pine bottom and a folding lid (brass piano hinges) that has a walnut paneled top with birds-eye maple inlays.  The side handles are walnut.  The box is 14 x 12  x 9” deep.  It has walnut handles, and is in superb condition.  The inside of the box has a lift out tray to hold the cuter boxes, and a cherry stand to hold the assembled plane.  This is a plane for a collection, as well as for use.  Fine



Price -  $650.00

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